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    Data really powers everything that we do.”
    – Jeff Weiner –

    Hypercube Business Innovation
    Hypercube is an independent consultancy firm. Our advice is based on the smart use of data in practice. Our clients mainly work in the sports and the public transport sector. We support our clients with economic and social insights to support their ideas, plans and innovations. We are data experts and we are familiar with our clients’ contexts. By combining both, we guide them through the process towards the best solution for their challenge.

    What we stand for
    We are no standard economists or mathematicians. The client’s question is key. We opt for a human approach and try to establish connections between data and knowledge of our clients. We are open minded. Change is not our goal, but providing the best solution is. We strive for a pleasant cooperation with satisfying results.

    Our approach
    Tailor-made solutions are our main asset and this is what makes the difference. We use effective models and formulas to substantiate the process of decision making. Though our solutions are tailor-made, the process is recognizable:

    “Structure is our friend”

    We start every project by structuring the question of our clients. Therefore, it is important to understand the client’s perspective and the background of the question. If necessary, we reformulate the question to optimize the final result. We always take other influential factors – such as the structure of the value chain – into account. We combine this process with data analysis. We never opt for only one solution, but we invest in the calculation of several scenarios. It is up to the client to pick the one that suits their needs best.

    Where does our name come from?
    We proudly carry the name Hypercube. Why? A hypercube is a cube with multiple dimensions and it is the multi-dimensionality of perspectives that counts most. For us, data is one perspective, but human intelligence is one as well. By combining several perspectives, you’ll get a total that used to be more than the sum of parts. Want to try it yourself? The recipe is as follows:

    1. Start with a point (zero dimensions). Copy this point and connect it.
    2. The result is a line (one dimension). Copy the line and connect the ends.
    3. The result is a square (two dimensions). Copy the square and connect the corners.
    4. The result is a cube (three dimensions). Copy the cube and connect the vertices.
    5. You now have a hypercube.