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  • ÖFBL opts for new competition format


    ÖFBL opts for new competition format

    Earlier than planned, the Österreichische Fußball Bundesliga presented the new league structure last week in the person of chairman Hans Rinner and CEO Christian Ebenbauer. Hypercube is proud of the result and looks back on a successful collaboration.

    The Austrian Bundesliga is expanded from ten to twelve teams and divided into three phases. In the first phase, all teams will meet both at home and at home for a total of 22 games per club. The teams in the second phase are then divided into a Meistergruppe, consisting of the top six, and a Qualifikationsgruppe, consisting of the last six of the score after phase 1. Half of the points obtained in phase 1 are taken to phase 2.

    In both groups another home and an out round follows, for a total of ten games per club. The winner of the Meistergruppe is champion, number two qualifies as well as the cup winner for UEFA Europa League, while the red lantern carrier in the Qualifikationsgruppe is relegated. The fourth and last European ticket is played in the form of play-offs (phase 3).

    See the video below for a detailed explanation of the changes and click here for the press release.