A variety of competitions and tournaments for club teams are organized in North and Central America. In addition to the national competitions and cups, there is the CONCACAF Champions League, regional cups and clubs participate in the FIFA Club World Cup. CONCACAF needed a reliable ranking of all clubs in the continent to use in draw procedures. In addition, a ranking offers clubs and fans a great way to keep track of the sporting strength of their club within the continent.


Hypercube, together with Concacaf and the stakeholders involved, went in search of a system that reflects the sporting relationships of all clubs. Both national and international results are included in the ranking. An Elo rating system has been chosen.

This YouTube video explains the system of the CONCACAF Club ranking.


The club ranking was published on the CONCACAF website in May 2023. The ranking is updated after every match, making it always publicly available for clubs, fans and stakeholders. The first practical application will soon follow, as the ranking will be used for the draw of the CONCACAF Caribbean Cup, the Central American Cup and the Champions League later this year.