Given the impact of the corona crisis on travel behaviour, the province of Noord-Brabant wanted to secure data from the year 2019 (not impacted by the crises and subsequent restrictions) for later impact analyses.


The source data relating to OV-chipkaart use in 2019 has been made available in aggregated form in the Hypercube scenario tool. As a result, Noord-Brabant has secured a reference set with information based on public transport in the three public transport concessions of the province of Noord-Brabant in the year 2019 (old normal) for subsequent impact analyses. Using the reference set, including in an online BI environment, a scan describing the 2019 public transport market of the three Brabant concessions on features relevant to the fare system was also created.


The 2019 source data for the three concessions belonging to the province of Noord-Brabant have been secured and processed at an aggregation level that both meets the requirements from the AVG and also retains the ability to perform various analyses. The first images from the market scan are accessible to the province in an online BI environment.