In 2022, the European Futsel Championships were organized in the Netherlands. After this successful event, the KNVB asked Hypercube to help formulate the best strategy to develop futsal in the Netherlands in the future. After completing this project, the KBVB of Belgium asked Hypercube the same question. This project was carried out in the same way in 2023.


Hypercube has interviewed a large number of (inter)national futsal stakeholders to shape its vision on domestic futsal. In addition to internal policymakers and clubs, media parties, BVOs, event organizers and (potential) commercial partners were part of the research. The best practices of successful futsal countries (Portugal, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic) have also been researched and included. Customized visions and missions were then provided for both the Netherlands and Belgium. 


Hypercube has recommended a strategic timeline with concrete action points. We zoomed in on several aspects of the sport: the structure of the organization, youth development, popularizing the sport, competition at the highest level and the national teams. These aspects must support each other to grow the sport as a whole. The vision documents have provided the associations with tools to determine their futsal strategies for the coming years.