PSV had a very successful season in 2023/24. The club has convincingly become champion and the club is also in strong financial and commercial terms, with long waiting lists for season tickets and sponsors. PSV is looking for a strategy for the coming years and has asked Hypercube to determine the club’s growth potential on a sporting and commercial level and to provide advice on the most suitable location and capacity of the stadium.


In a scenario study, Hypercube looked at the club from different perspectives, including technical policy, commercial growth and the personnel budget. Youth training, women’s football, developments on the UEFA-coefficient list and demographic development in the region were also included in the research. The results form the basis for determining the strategy for the coming years and provide a concrete picture of the club’s growth potential.
To determine the best strategy for the stadium, the club’s spectator potential has been calculated depending on the sporting level and location. This included examining the demographic development in Eindhoven and the surrounding area and the means of transport used by supporters.


The research concluded that PSV is capable of growing into a club that structurally participates in the Champions League in four out of five cases. In addition, it has been determined that the stadium is currently already located in the ideal location and that a stadium expansion with seven to eleven thousand seats would be suitable.

PSV has announced the results of the advice and will implement the growth strategy in the coming years. Part of this is starting a follow-up project to further shape the renovation of the stadium.