EBS provides transport in several concessions and would like to develop a new set of products that matches the new options of OVpay. The new set of products must meet the needs of the different traveler groups and be designed as revenue neutral as possible.


In a kick-off meeting, it was determined together with EBS which product formulas drawn up from the national OVpay program are suitable for implementation in the concessions where EBS provides public transport. A precondition is that the new set of products is in line with current subscriptions, especially the area subscriptions, and is complementary to interoperable subscriptions that exist in the concessions.

The current use of public transport in the various EBS concessions was then mapped out and, on this basis, various variants of OVpay products were tested for all concessions using the Hypercube scenario tool. In an iterative process with the client, a set of products and corresponding pricing was then developed for the concessions that is in line with the principles.


Ultimately, a set of products was developed for all concessions that is as uniform as possible, but still meets the specific needs of the various concessions. The price level of the products has been set up in such a way that the implementation can be revenue neutral as much as possible. The results of the research will be used by EBS in 2024 when setting up their new products in the concessions Zaanstreek-Waterland, Voorne-Putten & Rozenburg and Haaglanden Streek.