On behalf of the municipality of Apeldoorn, Hypercube has conducted research into the future uses of Omnisport Apeldoorn. This top sporting events and training location is focused on the core sports of cycling, volleyball and athletics, with facilities for conferences and meetings and other types of events than sport. The building has been in use since 2008 and the municipality is now faced with major investments in areas such as improving (top) sports facilities, energy efficiency and accessibility. The search is for a suitable balance in the future use of this location for (top) sports and possibly intensifying it as an events and conference location. The desire is to optimize its use as an event location and thus its exploitation, without this being at the expense of Omnisport as a top sports accommodation. 


Various scenarios were examined for this research, so that an informed choice can be made. The required input for this exercise was collected from more than 25 stakeholders who were spoken to once or several times during the research. During the research, other avenues of thought have also come to light, which fall outside the original scope of the research, but which are seen as very promising to make a significant positive contribution to the future of Omnisport. These findings ultimately led to an extensive business case of the different scenarios, a social cost-benefit analysis and other recommendations. 


The research has shown all the advantages and disadvantages of new options for use and what the financial limits are that can be achieved with different uses. The Municipality of Apeldoorn will use the findings to determine the best next steps.