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    Social cost-benefit analysis

    Maatschappelijke Kosten-Baten AnalysesDoes a policy realise its own objectives? What are the effects on the value chain and society? By asking these questions in advance, you avoid unpleasant surprises and might give rise to unexpected opportunities.

    A broad perspective

    A social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) gives insight in the effects of a policy or an investment. The analysis has a broad perspective, since all stakeholders are included in the analysis. And not just financial costs and benefits are considered, but other ‘softer’ effects as well. Finally, all alternatives are put together to compare.

    On the basis of an SCBA a proper decision on the policy or investment can be made. After all, not only the financial impact is decisive, but also whether or not objectives are achieved. And it is important to not only focus on the effect for yourself, but also consider the impact on other stakeholders or on society. A SCBA ensures that all of these insights are subject considered.

    A SCBA promotes understanding for everyone’s point of view

    A SCBA provides a good starting point for partners to connect, think about the new policy and understand everyone’s concerns. Governments cannot do everything by themselves, certainly not with minimal budgets. Moreover the impact is greater if from the start the people who are implementing or feel the effects of the new policy are involved. Hypercube has experience with setting up public-private partnerships.

    The issues we highlight

    Hypercube uses an objective and human approach and exposes all sides of the project. This comes together in the social cost-benefit analysis.
    We performed SCBAs for:

    • employment projects
    • local sustainability policy
    • innovation in the healthcare chain
    • the public transport smart card
    • sports facilities