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    Public transport students
    At the end of June, agreements (rijksoverheid) were made between the ministry, the sector councils and public transport companies in which the ambition is expressed that educational activities can be scaled up further from 1 August.
    The important principle is to spread student flows, by organizing education in such a way that students are in and out spread over the day and that there is no rush.
    In addition, higher education advocates regional tailor-made solutions, especially from September. The national basic agreements can be further elaborated locally / regionally if the local situation allows this.

    Hypercube would like to help achieve this regional customization. We can map the demand (origin-destination relationships, volumes and what is desirable) based on the use by students in the same period a year ago so that alternative connections can be considered. Options are setting up direct (bus) connections to educational institutions or setting up additional offers. When arranging regional customization, there is an obligation to monitor the regional public transport load and to identify any regional bottlenecks that require further refinement of the customization. Hypercube has developed tools to do this automatically.
    An evaluation of the set-up process will take place in October 2020 and an indication will be made of whether regional issues arise for which further coordination is required. Hypercube can design and organize the periodic evaluation in collaboration with educational umbrella organizations, transporters, OCW and IenW.