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    Hypercube & public transport

    Openbaar vervoerHypercube stood at the cradle of the Dutch public transport smartcard (OV-chipkaart) and has been involved in public transport ever since. This sector is very dynamic with millions of passengers every day, transported by private transport companies, who have decentralized governments as their principals.

    Trends and effects of policy in view with the public transport smartcard

    We know the way in this dynamic world. Hypercube advises both decentralized governments and transport companies, e.g., on the development of tariff policy and the monitoring of trends and effects of changed tariffs or product range.

    Hypercube considers the financial effects for companies and governments, but takes the perspective of the passengers into account as well. Which types of passengers exist, what is their behavior, and what are the choices they make and the effects they experience under certain policy changes?

    Our cases consist of:

    • Monitoring of revenue development, travel behavior, product use and client spending;
    • Analysis of occupancy rates;
    • Scenario analysis for tariff policy and net management;
    • Project and implementation management.