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    Rankings & Euro Club Index

    A healthy sport will make sure that the sporting ambitions and the finances are balanced out. The interaction between those dimensions can only be brought to the surface if you have a reliable proxy for sporting quality. Hypercube knows how to develop such a ranking.

    Euro Club Index

    In close cooperation with Infostrada Sports, Hypercube has developed the Euro Club Index (or ECI). It is a sound indicator of a club’s sporting strength, which is key to its brand value, transfers and sponsoring. And it is a good predictor of match and league odds.

    • More than 700 European professional football clubs
    • from 52 countries
    • 1 ranking.

    How does it work? A club’s sporting strength is determined on the basis of its results only, in the past eight years. The maths ensure that recent results carry more weight than older ones.

    The cornerstone of the ECI is the difference between the actual match result and the expected match result. The latter is deduced from ECI value of the competing teams. If the actual result is better than expected a club earns points on the Euro Club Index, if worse it will lose some.

    When you are a strong team and play against a weaker team, the expected result is close to a win. Then, if you actually win, you gain only few points on the Index. Yet if you are a relatively weak team and you beat the others against the odds, you win a lot of points on the Index.

    Check out the latest stats on www.euroclubindex.com!

    The UEFA also makes use of a ranking developed by Hypercube the UEFA National Team Coefficient Ranking, which is used in the draw for the Euro Nations Cup and its Qualifications.

    Also, Hypercube developed ranking similar to the Euro Club Index for Dutch hockeyand volleyball.