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  • Stadium development Heracles Almelo (2011-14)


    Heracles AlmeloHeracles Almelo is a Dutch football club that promoted to the highest level in 2005. Ever since, it has ranked 9th to 12th, clearly staying out of danger of relegation – a remarkable performance. Their stadium, however, now doesn’t match the newly acquired status. Hypercube assisted Heracles Almelo in developing viable stadium plans and negotiated with construction companies and the local governments. 


    Heracles Almelo desired a new stadium with 15.000 or even 20.000 capacity on the same site as the current stadium.

    Ten Cate Stadion Heracles Almelo


    Hypercube conducted an analysis to see what would be a suitable capacity for the club, given their sporting strength and catchment area from which they draw their fans and sponsors. We proposed to restrict the capacity to 15.000. Presently, their stadium counts 8.500 seats.

    Subsequently, we organized a tender procedure to select a construction company and developer and worked out the details of a new stadium. However, this plan didn’t make it, because it included retail real estate, that the government eventually wouldn’t make allowances for.

    We then picked up the alternative plan for renovation and extension of the current stadium, together with the club, a construction company, investors and the sponsor buying the naming rights. Hypercube often represented the club in their negotiations, all the while checking whether the business case would still be sound.


    In 2014 we go through the final stages, and all terms and conditions are being negotiated with the construction company, investors and the local government.

    Heracles Almelo