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  • Tendering ice rink (2013)


    SchaatsaccommodatieWithin a short periode of time three initiatives were presented to make a new ice rink for training purposes of the Dutch iceskating professionals and talents. The Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and the skating assocation (KNSB) had to make a choice, and wanted to do so in a fair way. Hypercube set up a tendering procedure. 

    Speedskating is big in the Netherlands. Ard Schenk, Sven Kramer and many other champions are our national heroes. Traditionally, the main stadium and training facilities have been located in Friesland, but modernisation is needed. A plan was made, simultaneously two other proposals came in, with their geographical basis in other parts of the country.

    Hypercube consulted all three candidates and set up a procedure for NOC*NSF and KNSB. The main elements were the decision criteria, a timeline, and a panel. This panel had to evaluate the proposals with regard to the decision criteria. In the panel both organisations were represented as well as Jochem Uytdehaage, two times Olympic champion in 2006, who represented the sportsmen.

    Besides the tender management, Hypercube was responsible for evaluation of the financial paragraph of the proposals. The operation of an ice rink is rather expensive, due to high energy costs, and the requirements for professional sports put a constraint on commercial exploitation, while the sports organisations themselves can’t afford to pay a commercial rate. Hypercube checked the soundness of the business cases and the plausbility of their assumptions regarding numbers of visitors and their expenses.

    Icedôme Almere won, which proved rather controversial, as it marked a break from the historical connection between Friesland and iceskating.